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All ages - All areas of communication - Bilingual Spanish Speech Pathologist.


I have referred many patients to Beth Fine. She has demonstrated expertise in her field in both diagnostics and treatment for speech-language disorders. The feedback from patients and their parents has always been positive. Martin B. Cohen, M.D.

I have known Beth Fine for over ten years. She is an extremely competent and well trained speech therapist. Over the years, with very thorough patient care, she has helped many of my patients overcome their speech problems. Paul W. Shineman, M.D. Continue reading

Speech Therapy Services

Articulation and phonological disorders including apraxia or oral motor impairment/weakness

Voice and resonance disorders such as hoarseness due to polyps, nodules, paralysis, etc; hyper/hypo nasality

Foreign accent and regional accent reduction

Language disorders affecting comprehension and verbal expression

Communication problems due to autism, learning disabilities, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, stroke, fluency/stuttering, and other disorders

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