If you suspect your child may have a delay in communication development, an evaluation will provide valuable information.  It is never too early to have your child evaluated. For children as young as 12-15 months, an evaluation can ease concerns and provide a base-line for follow-up visits to ensure continued progress.

Child in TherapyIf therapy is not indicated, parents may be given suggestions to stimulate their child’s speech and language development. At the first visit you will be asked to complete a case history of your child’s development and your child will be evaluated. Tests administered will vary depending on your concerns, the child’s performance, and the nature of the disorder. Sometimes more than one visit is necessary to complete testing.

Children’s evaluations may consist of one or more of the following areas:

  • articulation and phonology
  • pragmatics and semantics
  • receptive language
  • expressive language and syntax
  • fluency/stuttering
  • voice
  • resonance
  • auditory processing skills
  • tongue thrust/swallow
  • oral-peripheral speech mechanism
  • prosody and intonation
  • language and educational preparation for kindergarten admissions testing

Results and recommendations will be discussed with you. A written report will be provided.

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