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I have referred many patients to Beth Fine. She has demonstrated expertise in her field in both diagnostics and treatment for speech-language disorders. The feedback from patients and their parents has always been positive. Martin B. Cohen, M.D.


I have known Beth Fine for over ten years. She is an extremely competent and well trained speech therapist. Over the years, with very thorough patient care, she has helped many of my patients overcome their speech problems. Paul W. Shineman, M.D.


I am a business owner of a successful IT company in New York and am from Hong Kong. Before I met Beth 2 years ago, I had many words that I couldn’t pronounce correctly. I would use alternative words, skip the words, or fake the pronunciation. I was embarrassed about the fact that I’ve been in USA for 27 years but I can’t master English pronunciation. I would feel uncomfortable to speak with anyone in a party with strangers. When I started with Beth, Beth taught me how to pronounce sounds and where to put my tongue. After weekly sessions with Beth for 3 months, I was able to pronounce most of common words that I had trouble with. After 6 months, I was able pronounce words that I couldn’t have pronounced before. Now, everyone understands me and I have confidence to speak with anyone because I don’t have to worry about if they understand my pronunciation. Eddy Wong


I offer my highest recommendation for Beth Fine’s services. After being diagnosed with a nodule in my vocal cord, Ms. Fine not only cured me of my ailment, but in the process also corrected a 40 year old lateral lisp. She is professional, attentive and honestly cares about her patients’ outcomes. If there is a better speech therapist in New York city, I have yet to find that person. J.B.


Letter from parents of an autistic child: ‘Thank you Diane for working with our son, with so much patience and believing that he learn his way! Your approach to making A. think and learn is truly unique! Many thanks to you for playing a role as a friend and a speech therapist at the same time!!’ A.C.


It’s my daughter’s second year with Cindy and we couldn’t be more happy that she’s under her therapeutic “wings”. During this time her vocabulary, grammar structure, overall speech fluency and most important CONFIDENCE improved dramatically!
Cindy is an excellent therapist. She has a very encouraging, flexible and creative attitude and approachable disposition but at the same time knows when and how to draw the line when my daughter wants to test or push the “barriers”. She’s also very attentive and willing to discuss ANY aspect of therapy or my daughter’s circumstances that might influence her performance.
Her experience in the special education is a big plus and makes her a more knowledgable and empathetic therapist.
Would highly recommend! Beata, Forest Hills


Speech Therapy Services

  • Articulation and phonological disorders including apraxia or oral motor impairment/weakness
  • Voice and resonance disorders such as hoarseness due to polyps, nodules, paralysis, etc; hyper/hypo nasality
  • Foreign accent and regional accent reduction
  • Language disorders affecting comprehension and verbal expression
  • Communication problems due to autism, learning disabilities, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, stroke, fluency/stuttering, and other disorders

Visits are conducted in our office at 120 East 56th street (between Park and Lexington), which is conveniently located near all subway and bus stops. Contact Us for more information.