Therapy Services


We believe that the most important thing in one’s life is the ability to communicate, to impart information and express one’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

  • Therapy is individualized and enjoyable
  • Sessions are generally 30 minutes
  • Number of sessions per week depends on the nature and severity of the problem
  • Therapy is provided in our office, which we have found to be the optimal environment with the least distractions
  • Homework and materials are given to you
  • The time frame for therapy varies for every individual
  • Goals for children are often achieved via toys, games, and prizes
  • We use an eclectic therapeutic approach because one technique is not appropriate for everyone

photoWe are unique because we have several New York State licensed speech-language pathologists, including bilingual Spanish, with expertise and experience in a wide array of communication disorders…therefore, we are able to provide services for all ages, in all areas of communication.

We believe in an eclectic approach to therapy. We draw on more than 40 years experience, which has taught us that using only one approach to remediating a problem may not be the fastest, most efficient way to meet a client’s needs.

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